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Household Dangers


Cats and particularly kittens are notoriously inquisitive and their curiosity can get them into some serious scrapes. Small spaces are attractive to cats and it’s natural for them to hide when they’re feeling anxious or when they just want peace and quiet.


Washing machines and tumble driers can be an invitation to investigate and it only takes a minor distraction on your part, for your cat to jump in and result in tragedy.


We encourage you to;

  • Block off any areas where your cat could become trapped

  • Keep the doors to household appliances like tumble driers & washing machines shut

  • Always check your household appliances for cats before switching on

  • Ask other members of your household and visitors to check too

  • Immediately mop up any spillage of laundry detergents, they’re highly toxic to cats. If a cat licks detergent it can poison them, while skin contact can result in burns. Remember that cats will instinctively lick their fur to remove contamination.


In conjunction with the Tonkinese Breed Club we have produced warning stickers to put on your appliances, if you would like a set please contact us.

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