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How to buy a Tonkinese


There are two websites in the UK who exist to promote the breed, this website and the Tonkinese Breed Club (, both of whom list breeders who can advise on the availability of kittens.


When buying a kitten, you would be well advised to satisfy yourself that the breeder is a member of either GCCF or TICA who are respected governing bodies for the promotion of good breeding standards. Additionally, stud cats need to have been tested for known conditions that can be passed on in the genes. Hopefully most stud cats will have been PCR tested for Herpes, Calici, Chlamydia and also DNA tested for PRA, Burmese Head Defect, Burmese Hypokalaemia and PKDef.


A breeder must be able to prove, with documentation, that kittens are bred from registered, pedigree Tonkinese parents (or from a pedigree Siamese bred with a pedigree Burmese).


A good breeder will want to know about your home circumstances to ensure that a kitten will fit in with your lifestyle, to reassure themselves the kitten will have a happy future. So too, they should be patient and understanding in answering all your many questions.


The GCCF (Governing Council for Cat Fancy) guidelines say a kitten shouldn’t leave home before it is 13 weeks old and has had its vaccinations against cat flu and enteritis. 


You will find lots of helpful unbiased tips and information on how

to buy a kitten at The Kitten Checklist at



Other useful sites to visit are;

Tonkinese Breed Club

MyMystic Tonkinese

Rameses Tonkinese

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