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Welfare and Rehoming


Our concern for the health and wellbeing of the Tonkinese breed means that we are always willing to offer help and support to any Club members and owners who are looking for advice, so you can benefit from the bank of experience and knowledge of fellow owners and breeders.

Ulla Korterman, our acting Welfare Officer is available to help owners of Tonkinese cats who are unable, for any reason to continue to care for their cat(s).

We can arrange for temporary fostering in emergencies and in the case of rehoming, we will assist in finding caring, suitable new homes and try to make the process of rehoming as smooth as possible.

Tonkinese are not often available for adoption however we do keep a list of people interested, in case rehoming opportunities become available.

If you would like to go on our rehoming waiting list, please fill in the form below and provide us with the details required. All Tonkinese cats we rehome come with five weeks insurance cover provided through Agria.


If you have a Tonkinese and would like to have a conversation about any welfare or rehoming issues, please contact us.

  • Could we ask if you have you had a Tonkinese before

  • The reason why you would have an interest within the breed

  • Your road location, which is always a major concern to our club

  • Any work commitments or regular time away from the house

  • Have you experienced rehoming a rescue cat before?

  • Any general information that may favour your enquiry will be appreciated

Rehoming a cat may involve considerable expense to the club – all our rescue cats are health-checked by a vet before being rehomed, to ensure that they are in good health and have received any medical treatment they may need, as well as meeting the day-to-day costs of their keep if they are being rehomed from foster-care. Because of this, if we offer you a rescue cat or cats, we will request a donation to help with these expenses,  which can be made here.

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