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Important Notice


So, you’ve definitely decided you want a cute, fluffy kitten and you’re ready with your money - BUT PLEASE wait, before you go any further look at our help page on How to Buy a Tonkinese and the link to Buying a Kitten, there are important considerations and as a buyer you need to be aware.


The following list of breeders and contacts is not evaluated by us, so please ensure you are satisfied with the following when you contact any breeder:


o   Ensure you can see the parents, see that they are healthy and well cared for and sociable

     (approachable, friendly, willing to be stroked)

o   A Tonkinese kitten must have been bred from registered (GCCF) parents who are Tonkinese or a pedigree Siamese

     and pedigree Burmese

o   That the cats/kittens are approachable and being socialised

o   That they are being kept in clean conditions 

o   That the breeder will have the kittens inoculated, wormed and checked by a vet prior to purchase

o   That they will be sold with GCCF pedigree registration papers      


The Tonkinese Cat Club and Tonkinese Breed Club are GCCF affiliated 


If you have any queries about the breeder or kittens, don’t be pressured into buying, go away, think about it and wait until kittens become available with another breeder, or you may find a cat through our Welfare. If you have a poor experience with a breeder please let us know in confidence.

TCC List of Breeders

Please be aware that the information is on this page is only as current as the information provided.

Note to Prospective Owners:

Due to the nature of the kittens growth and development, the TCC advises prospective owners not to view kittens until they are at least six weeks old. Reason being a kitten's colour and temperament are difficult to determine before this age, but have a better developed personality at a later age.  


Note to Breeders: 

In order to encourage responsible breeding the TCC is limiting the number of litters advertised by any breeder to a maximum of 5 per year.

Please supply the following information to advertise your kittens:

  • Number of kittens

  • Male or Female

  • Colour

  • Coat pattern - refer to ESM codes, which can be found here 

  • Date available

  • Contact Ulla -


As a general rule, kitten adverts will be removed after one month, unless informed, following the date they are available for sale. Also, you may like to include a photo of your kittens within your advert for which there will be a small nominal charge of £4

IMG_6190 2.jpg



Lisa Knill (Anemizo) - Email:


Malgorzata Skuza (Top Tonk) - Email:


Pauline Mason (Taleh) - Tel.: 01303 265513



Lorraine Phillips (Lilyput) - Tel.: 01530 263867


Julia Craig-McFeely (Rameses) - 01865 241323 

Mike & Lizzi Smith (Chorus) - 01608 676 595 - Not breeding at present



Allegra Loch (Tonkinini) - Tel.: 07970 4945138


Karen Plummer (Tintoretto) - Website:

Email: - Tel.: 07703067634


Kara Hill (Yorkshire Rose) - Email: - Tel.: 07703 038705

Blue TCR F1 Girl , born 3/9/2023, lovely affectionate - available NOW


South West:

Christina Gordon (SilkOrchid) - Tel: 01461 206920


Wilma Morrison (Phabbay) - Email: Website:

5 Kittens available - born 03.01.2024

Updated: 21st February 2024

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