TCC List of Breeders

Please be aware that the information is on this page is only as current as the information provided.

Note to Prospective Owners:

Due to the nature of the kittens growth and development, the TCC advises prospective owners not to view kittens until they are at least six weeks old. Reason being a kitten's colour and temperament are difficult to determine before this age, but have a better developed personality at a later age.  


Note to Breeders: 

In order to encourage responsible breeding the TCC is limiting the number of litters advertised by any breeder to a maximum of 5 per year.

Please supply the following information to advertise your kittens:

  • Number of kittens

  • Male or Female

  • Colour

  • Coat pattern - refer to ESM codes, which can be found here 

  • Date available

  • Contact Ulla -


As a general rule, kitten adverts will be removed after one month, unless informed, following the date they are available for sale. Also, you may like to include a photo of your kittens within your advert for which there will be a small nominal charge of £4

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Linda Vousden (Mymystic) - Email:

Lisa Knill (Anemizo) - Email:


Malgorzata Skuza (Top Tonk) - Email:


Pauline Mason (Taleh) - Tel 01303 265513



Lorraine Phillips (Lilyput) - Tel:01530 263867


Julia Craig-McFeely (Rameses) - 01865 241323 

Mike & Lizzi Smith (Chorus) - 01608 676 595



Julie Singleton (Tonkyway) - Tel 01278 671868 



Allegra Loch (Tonkinini) - Tel 07970 4945138


South West:

Christina Gordon (SilkOrchid) - Tel: 01461 206920


Wilma Morrison (Phabbay) - Email: Website:

Updated: 29th June 2022