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About the TCC

The Tonkinese Cat Club was founded in November 1994 and on 24th June 1998 was granted affiliation with the Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF). We are also affiliated with the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB). 

The Tonkinese Cat Club is a friendly, growing and progressive organisation for breeders, exhibitors and pet owners alike. Our object is to encourage the responsible breeding and exhibiting of Tonkinese; to forward, promote and protect the interests of the Tonkinese breed;  and to encourage the care and protection of all cats. To this end, we undertake a variety of different activities. 

Our Committee is composed of experienced breeders, exhibitors and owners of Tonkinese, and any Committee member will always be willing to offer advice and assistance to anyone wishing to enquire about our beautiful breed. 

We hold an annual Show, usually in conjunction with one or several other Cat Clubs, at which members and non-members alike are welcome, whether to exhibit their own cats, to enjoy a friendly day out chatting to our members and exhibitors about the breed and cats in general, to obtain advice about finding a pedigree kitten or simply to look at all the beautiful cats on show. You will find a Kitten/Breeder list on this website on which our breeder members may post information about Tonkinese kittens they have available at the moment, so if you're searching for a kitten that might be a good place to start. 

 We aim to represent the interests of Club Members at the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and at the relevant Breed Advisory Committee (BAC), which establishes and maintains the Standard of Points and breeding and registration policies for Tonkinese, monitors the training of Judges for the breed  and is concerned with all matters relating to  its promotion and status. As a Club affiliated with the GCCF, we have experienced breeders on the BAC, which enables us to help decide on breeding policies along with the Tonkinese Breed Club. It is the BAC that puts forward applications for promotion and who worked so hard for us to get to Championship status. 

We are also concerned with the welfare, not only of the Tonkinese breed as a whole but also of individual Tonkinese cats who are lost, experiencing  difficulties or who have become homeless, often through no fault of their own. Our Welfare Officer regularly receives requests for assistance from owners in need of advice, veterinary surgeons and animal welfare organisations who have a Tonkinese in their care in need of assistance and from owners who are unable to continue caring for their cats and are forced to rehome them. Where appropriate, we may arrange foster-care for such cats pending rehoming, either in our own safe accommodation or with an experienced fosterer, and we work closely with the TBC and other cat welfare organisations to try to ensure that every Tonkinese has a responsible, caring home. The welfare of the cats is a very large part of what we do, and we will do our best to assist any  Tonkinese in need of help. 

Most of the Club's income comes from our members' subscriptions and from donations to our welfare work, which is by far the most expensive aspect of what we do. Generous donations from members and others interested in the breed help us a great deal in continuing to ensure the well-being both of the breed as a whole and of individual Tonkinese who need our help. 

We welcome applications from owners of Tonkinese, whether or not they wish to breed and/or show their cats, past owners or those who hope to own a Tonkinese in the future,  and from anyone who is interested in these lovely, intelligent, affectionate cats. If you would like to join, please click here to download the application form.

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