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Welcome to the Tonkinese Cat Club!


We’re a small but enthusiastic gathering of Tonkinese owners and breeders who are pretty passionate about our cats. We communicate regularly with each other and invite new members with a modicum of interest in their Tonks to join our community

and share their stories, experiences, learning and of course photographs of their cats and antics.

Members also receive our TonkiNews newsletter and other benefits in exchange for a small annual fee which covers our costs.

You don’t have to own a Tonkinese, but if you have an interest in the breed, why not join us! Click here


If you’ve arrived here because you have an interest in owning a Tonkinese, we’d like to help inform you in your journey and help educate you in your choice. Buying a pedigree cat is a big commitment and it’s worthwhile spending a bit of time to find out about

the breed, their characteristics and their behaviour, to ensure a Tonkinese will fit in with your lifestyle, after all, a cat will be your companion for up to twenty years. In addition we have some useful links to other sites so you can make your own independent decision. Read more About the Breed


As with any other cat owners we want our cats to live long and happy lives and to have permanent homes, but we realise that sometimes things don’t work out for a variety of reasons. Our Welfare section work to help people in rehoming and adoption and we keep a list

of people who would like to adopt, however it’s important to realise there aren’t many opportunities to rehome a Tonkinese.


We are all too aware of ongoing welfare issues and have regular news items to share with owners which you can also find on our Welfare page.


So, if you have reached the conclusion that a Tonkinese is for you, then please visit our Breeder page, for a list of registered and approved breeders with contact details and when appropriate, their kitten lists.


If you have any pressing Tonkinese issues or simply want to make direct contact please get in touch. Click here