Welcome to the Tonkinese Cat Club

This is what the club does;

  • Our aim is the promotion, care and well-being of the Tonkinese breed. We are a recognised club affiliated with the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy), and we are one of the two Clubs comprising the Tonkinese Breed Advisory Committee.  

  • The club has many experienced Tonkinese owners willing to help rescue and care for Tonkinese cats who may have to be rehomed due to unfortunate circumstances.  Many people have acquired a loving pet through the activity of our Rescue and Welfare team.  Please look at our Rehoming and Welfare section for more information.

  • On our Kitten list / Breeders page, we maintain a list of reputable breeders, with regularly  updated kitten availability.  You can also find information about the Tonkinese breed from the Kitten List drop down menu.

  • We hold an annual Championship show in conjunction with another cat club at a central location in the U.K.  Interested in showing your Tonkinese but don’t know how to start?  The committee are happy to provide advice and encouragement to members who are new to showing.

  • More information about the TCC can be found on the About the TCC page.

If you are not already a member, joining the club will provide you with useful benefits and insights into this fascinating and beautiful breed.