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                     Owner: Julia Craig-McFeely                      Name: Chocolatedot Rameses Ecco 

                     Breeder: Kerry Pilkington                          Status: Active, at open stud.

 Oxfordshire     Prefix: Rameses                                      Colour: Blue

                     Tel: 01865 241323                              D.o.B: 20 November 2017

                                          Generation: Third 

                                        Sire: Ch Amorcatz Bruno Mars

                                                                               Dam: Chocolatedot Inferno

                                                                               Please Note:PCR tested clear for Herpes, Calici, Chlamydia

                                                                                                 DNA tested clear for PRA, Burmese Head Defect,

                                                                                                 Burmese Hypokalaemia, PKDef 

                                                                                                 Coat pattern TCR confirmed.

                                                                                                 TCR Generation (F3)        
                                                                               Name: Ramintha of Rameses
                                                                               Status: Active, at open stud.
                                                                               Colour: Brown
                                                                               D.o.B: 1 March 2017
                                                                               Generation: Unknown; treated as 1st generation.
                                                                               Sire: unknown Pet
                                                                               Dam: unknown Pet
                                                                               Please note: This stud has been imported from Thailand and is

                                                                                                genetically confirmed as Tonkinese.  

                                                                                                PCR tested clear for Herpes, Calici, Chlamydia 

                                                                                                DNA tested clear for PRA, Burmese Head Defect,

                                                                                                Burmese Hypokalaemia, PKDef;

                                                                                                Coat pattern TCR confirmed.



NOTES: Visting cats will need to show negative test certificates for both the snap test for FeLV and FIV in the week preceding their visit, and PCR tests for Herpes, Calici and Chlamydia (done by sending off a swab, may be done a few weeks in advance). Please note that the PCR tests should cost under £100 for all three diseases IN TOTAL. Vets charging £100 per disease are incorrect. Please direct them to Axiom labs, where a single-swab 5-way test (Herpes/Calici/Chlamydia/Bordatella/Mycoplasma) costs £85 + VAT. I can send a sample certificate which shows the price if breeders are having difficulty convincing the vet that this is the case. Langford also do not charge £100 per test.


Name: Ramintha of Rameses

Status: Active, at open stud. PCR tested clear for Herpes, Calici, Chlamydia; DNA tested clear for PRA, Burmese Head Defect, Burmese Hypokalaemia, PKDef; coat pattern TCR confirmed.

Colour: Brown TCR
D.o.B: 1 March 2017
Generation: unknown; treated as 1st generation for the purposes of kitten registration.
Sire: unknown pet
Dam: unknown pet
Please note: This stud has been imported from Thailand under the recently updated registration policy for Tonkinese, which allows us to bring in DNA tested cats from the native country of the breed, who have tested CsCb so are genetically confirmed as Tonkinese.













If you are a TCC member and would like to have your stud included on this page, please email me with all relevant details.

Owner: Mrs Julie Singleton 


Prefix: Tonkyway

Tel: 01278 671868

Name: Ch.Phabbay Galactic Comet

Status: Open

Colour: Chocolate CPP (carries Bl) F4

D.o.B: 23.11.16


Sire: Zephanco Dreamweaver

Dam: Ch.Taleh Phabbay Tomasina

Name: Tonkyway Dark Tenousei

Status: Open

Colour: Brown (carries - TOS n 32

D.o.B: 02.05.17


Sire: Gr.Ch.Seysianna Sundaybest

Dam: Sandypoints Taurina of Sialaxy

Name:Tonkyway Chertan


Colour:Brown Tabby CPP (74 40 11)

D.o.B: 25.04.13


Sire:Amorcatz Rafa Nadal

Dam:Tonkyway Zodiac Aurora