The following trophies/cups are awarded each year at the TCC AGM,


Grimspound Trophy Leading Adult Tortie
Grimspound Cup Leading Red/Cream/Apricot Kitten
Grimspound Chalice Leading Cream Neuter
Episcopuss Rose Bowl Leading Lilac Adult
Episcopuss Fluted Cup Leading Cream Adult
Episcopuss Cat Trophy Overall Leading Red/Cream/Apricot Kitten
Episcopuss Silver Egg Cup Leading Lilac Tortie Kitten
"Ossie Bumble" Memorial Bowl Overall Open Winner
Trimorr Trophy Leading Blue   A/K/N.
Trimorr Cup Leading Brown A or N
Satinwood Trophy Leading Chocolate Kitten
'Bonzie' Trophy Leading Chocolate Tabby Adult
Keo Trophy Leading Brown Tortie Kitten
Keo Trophy Leading Brown Tortie Adult
Glenmorangie Shield Leading Tabby Male
Bonzer Octopussy Shield Leading Tabby Female
Suantre Shield Overall Leading Kitten
Tonkinese Cat Club Tankard Best Novice Member
Tonkitu Trophy Leading Red Tonkinese A/K/N
Wizadora Cup Leading Lilac/Blue Tortie
''Supreme'' Veteran Cup  
Tonkaholics Shield Leading Brown Tabby Neuter
Tonkaholics Cup Leading Tabby Kitten
Rameses Distinguished Merit Award Distinguished Queen
"Aussie" Shield Leading Entire Male
Best Overall Photograph Winner